My deposit did not arrive


When you send tokens/coins from another exchange, and the transaction is marked "completed" or "success" on an exchange this does not mean Wadax received your tokens/coins.

If you received a transaction ID (TxID), please check this TxID in the right blockchain explorer. Search on the web for "{Token/coin} explorer" Replace {Token/coin} with the ticker or token/coin name.

When you did not receive an TxID from the location you sent from. Please contact their customer service.


When your transaction is unconfirmed, this means wadax cannot find any transaction yet. It could take a while to see your transaction. It can take sometimes more than 5 confirmations, but this is rare.

Most transactions are confirmed and credited to your account after 2 confirmations for Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based coins. For ERC-20 tokens 20 confirmations


If your transaction is confirmed with the minimum amount of confirmations. But you did not see a transaction in your account. Please submit a ticket with the following information:

  1. TxID of transaction.
  2. Screenshot of token/coin explorer with confirmations.
  3. Your account balances screenshot with the right token/coin selected.
  4. Your email, used for your Wadax account.
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